Saturday, September 13, 2008

Karol Bagh blast

So while in my San Macs class, we hear this little 'dhamaka'
It dint seem anything big enough to think about.
The quick witted Sanjay Sir came up with d thought of the Great Atom Smasher in action and we had a little laugh.
It wasn't until the class got over that we got to know about these serial blasts with everyone getting calls from their families and friends inquiring about their well being.
I wish it had been just the noise of sum xyz crap...
Ghaffar Market, well i know what is it like in there. I was there about 2 hours before the blast, went there for the first time today looking for a pair of good quality earphones. I guess i just got lucky not to have been when the catastrophe struck. That place is always very heavily crowded. It must have been a terrible site after the explosion.

Well guess what happens after that, i am at McDonalds with a friend having a McVeggie and a Coke....quite close to the site of the blast.
She is getting so many calls and meri kisi ko chinta hi nai hai. But finally in the metro i get a call from Yamini and i am like-yipieee sumone called. And one big comedy in metro-there is this young lady standing right next to me, busy with her cellphone flooded with calls. She had one thing to say to everyone, "arre tension kyu le rahe ho, ye log mujhe thodi udayenge". i had to bear this for quite sometime until finally, i got lucky and she deboarded the train. Thank Heavens, kya kya sunna padta hai...

So this is the message to these bloody anti-social shitholes-no matter what you do,you cant dampen the Delhi spirit. We will like our lives to the fullest no matter what you do do.

May the souls of the dead rest in peace...

Friday, September 12, 2008

Vary VAry Nice.....

nai pata

so finally m back to my blog........why???  pata nai..........jus gettin bored

thought of studying networks ealry morning.........wota thought........better it jus remains a thought........well these sprouts r a gr8 company 4 me as m postin this..

so.......what am i supposed to write
lemme write a poem
'SelF Composed'---truly authentic

Twinkle Twinkle little star
How i wonder where u are....
up above the world so lamba n chaudaa
like a diamond in d vast ocean of black holes.......

waah waah

arz kia hai

Tum ho to, gaata hai ye dil
tum ho to gaata hai ye dil

Tum geet n sangeet n rock n roll kahan
n even jazz n hip-hop kahan

Tum ho to sab hai haasil.......

Tum nahin, to kya hai yahan.....

wot an mazing bakwaas.....

thank you thank you

Monday, June 4, 2007


Hi blog
jus starting blogging
nice time to start, life at peace, vacations goin on, 2nd sem exams just over
its been 1 year into the college, it was tough but still the masti at d start f d clg i jus cant forget
the best moments of my life i hav experienced
well jus this much 4 now
its goin 2 b a long journey